After a somewhat late start, Sam and I fished this morning close to the Beaver Dam and easily caught what would have been our limit, had we been keeping trout. Then, at 10 AM, the trout took a break and we headed home. The trout bit on orange, salmon peach, garlic, fluorescent red, salmon egg red, chunky cheese, yellow and green pumpkin. Pretty much anything that was thrown at them. We did not run into anyone else fishing where we were. This weekend likely will be pretty crowded. If you are among the fisher-folk, you might consider bringing some rain gear, just in case.Generation schedule for tomorrow calls for a two PM start at 88% of capacity. Do not be surprised if the horn blows at 1PM. The high temperature predicted for tomorrow is 75 degrees F. under cloudy skies with southerly winds of 6 MPH. Both Sam and I will be on the water in the morning, chasing after our finned friends!