Yesterday, 1-2-15, we fished during the generation phase of the morning and did not have enough fish activity that moved us to make a report. Sam and I threw Rapala and spoons, apparently for exercise, since no trout took a 'stab' at the lures. We did manage to hook some sort of bottom debris that held on to one of our Colorado 1/4 ounce spoons. As far as we know, it still is with the debris. Ha!Today, at about 2:30 PM, we fished both at Parker Bend and Bertrand launch ramp. Not too much was happening at Parker, so we ended up at Bertrand where we met up with a bunch of friends. Although the fishing was slow, the bite was on yellow, salmon peach, rainbow and hatchery formula. Greg, one of our friends decided that using bait was too easy, so he caught someone's broken-off line and retrieved it as well as the fish on the end of it. Good job! Several fly fishermen, who left as we arrived, had caught a few on brown midges with a copper bead. The bite had halted for them, so they left. Speaking of the bite, it began to pick up about 4:15, just at the time we decided to head in. Another of our friends who was fishing at the ramp was doing great on pretty much anything she was throwing. Today, the high temperature was supposed to reach 45 degrees F. with a low tonight of 17. There is no generation slated for tomorrow, but with the temperature expected to be so low, do not be surprised if there is a deviation from that plan. Tomorrow, the high is expected to be 24 degrees F., with a low of 14 tomorrow night. Sam and I are not planning on fishing for the next few days. If you go out, stay warm and remember, the water will be warmer than the air!