Talk about procrastination! This fishing report will cover yesterday as well as today! Yesterday, fished with spoons for a couple of hours, then switched to power bait. We were fishing close to the Spider Creek entrance to the river, where the trout seemed to be concentrated. They were feasting on something that was on the surface, but made time for spoons. The spoon of choice was a 1/6th ounce blue on nickel, made by Bass Pro. They also seemed fond of yellow, salmon peach and hatchery formula power bait. A friend and his family showed up and was very successful using a combination of red and yellow power bait eggs, (one of each).Today, I started off by fly-fishing for a couple of hours. The trout were turned on to purple midges with a silver bead. They also bit olive with a gold band and bead. The purple midges far out-caught the other colors. Changed over to spinning rod to fish with a couple of friends. We began keeping fish and limited out by 4:45PM. Needless to say, it was a beautiful day in the Ozarks! Tomorrow promises to be another exceptional January day, sunny, with a predicted high temperature of 57 degrees F.. The winds are predicted to be from the south at 12 MPH, gusting to 22. There is generation scheduled from 7 through 8AM at 88% of capacity. This may be the last really nice day for the rest of the week. Our advice: GO FISH!