Fishing with lures was on my mind this afternoon, so I dropped in at the Bertrand launch ramp and moved toward Spider Creek. Threw three different lures and caught 11 trout. The first three were caught on a Bouyant 1/8th ounce red-gold. The others were caught, 4 on a silver Bass Pro spoon and 4 on a red-gold 1/8th ounce Bass Pro spoon. Switched to bait and only stayed long enough to try three different colors. Caught fish on yellow and salmon peach, but none on spring green. There were several other fishermen in the area. One couple was doing OK using night crawlers. They had 6 trout on their stringer when I left for the 'barn', where I was greeted by the smell of BACON cooking! What a great January day! Sorry I did not run into you out there fishing!!Tomorrow promises to be an even nicer day, with a high temperature of 53 degrees F. under sunny skies with winds from the west at 7 MPH, gusting to 13.