Fished in a couple of locations on the river beginning at 1:30 this afternoon. Began about 150 yards downstream from the Parker Bend ramps. The bite was very slow; and at my age, time is extremely valuable, so I moved to Bertrand launch ramp. HA! Once in place down river from the ramp, found that the bite was equally slow, but only for power bait. The trout were biting on a black crappie jig being worked under a small bobber which was used both as a strike indicator and to keep the jig off of the bottom. Slowly reeling in and occasionally working the jig seemed to be the best way to excite the fish into biting. The jig was best placed about 2 1/2 feet below the bobber. There were a couple of other folks fishing from their kayaks who were using power bait, but not exactly 'tearing up' the trout. The fellow who showed me how he was fishing caught three while I was with him while the others only got wind burn. So sad! Tomorrow looks like an improvement over today since the wind is expected to be only 5 MPH from the north with gusts of 8. Generation tomorrow is scheduled to be from 7 through 9 AM and from 6 through 8 PM. Hope you get the chance to try for the elusive trout!