This morning I fished from the bank in three different locations beginning just below the Beaver Dam. The trout were biting like there was no tomorrow! Caught and released several before moving to the gravel bar downstream from the launch ramp closest to the dam. The fish bit on every color used except for pink. Don't know about the darker colors, since none were tried this trip. Next to the launch ramp there were three fly-fishermen who were 'slaying' the trout. My friend Ken was leading the pack using some of his hand-tied creations. Decided that the time had come to try the 'canebreak' with barbless spoons. Used a Bass Pro red-on-gold 1/8 ounce spoon. The trout hit about every 10th or 12th cast. Unless you are a lot taller than I am, the water there looks to be a bit high for wading across. Drove over to Parker Bend, but since the parking lot was practically filled, I did not fish there. Generation is slated to be from 1 through 6 PM., so if you did not fish early this morning, try at 7ish this evening. Either that, or plan on using lures or a larger sinker with the bait! The high temperature is supposed to reach 91 degrees F. under mostly sunny skies. The winds are predicted to be southerly at 5 MPH. Have a good day fishing! Here are a few more pictures from yesterday’s trips.

DSC_0061 Image 9-6-15 at 4.28 PM