DSC_0062 Launched both boats this morning at 6:30 and proceeded to what turned out to be a grand fishing spot. We each rapidly caught four of our five fish limit, then caught and released for a while. We decided to check out a couple of other spots before limiting. At about 9:05 AM, the decision was made to limit out and take a little tour of the river. By 9:50, we were back at the launch ramp and hauling out to go clean fish. YUM, YUM, trout for dinner! The trout were biting on the lighter colors more readily than on the dark ones. The largest trout corralled was an 18-incher, caught, of course, by the only lady in the group on Sam's boat. The largest caught on my boat was merely in the slot, and had to be released. And so it goes. There were several other boats on the river this morning, but not as many as we expected to see on a Labor Day weekend. We have a river tour trip scheduled for 3 PM, so there is no report to be written until later. There is generation scheduled at 44% of capacity from 1 through 6 PM. The high temperature for today is expected to reach 90 degrees F., under partly sunny skies. The winds are southerly at 7 MPH. until around 6 PM., when they are expected to shift to easterly. Hope you got out today and fished your little hearts out!

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