Fished immediately below the Beaver Dam, and with Sam this morning on the gravel bar below the Beaver Dam launch ramp. Directly below the dam the trout were eager to bite anything but salmon peach and garlic. There was a couple fishing who were doing OK using power bait ‘eggs,’ although the bite for them was a bit slower than the bite on the paste. Ran out of coffee and, after refilling the travel mug, Sam and I moved to the gravel bar and fed the trout for a short 20 minutes before the ugly head of business reared up and ran us off. The bite at the gravel bar did not include fluorescent orange, which had worked nicely directly below the dam. Go figure! There were two fly-fishermen at the bar who were having a fair morning, but we did not ask them what they were using.There is generation scheduled from 3 through 6 PM. The high temperature predicted for today is 90 degrees F., under sunny skies. The winds should be from the SSE at 5 MPH. It appears that Saturday is promising to be another nice day to be out on the river fishing. We hope to see you out there.