Sam launched at 7 this morning with a few pretty cool folks aboard and headed to a couple of our favorite fishing spots to 'bend the rods.’ The trout were pretty hungry and kept everyone aboard busy casting out and reeling in fish. That is what we call FUN! After all the excitement of the first anchorage, they moved to another, allowing a little rest before catching some more trout in a different area of the river. Fishing different locations on the White River allows an appreciation of the variety of scenery provided along the banks. It was a slightly cool morning which resulted in the perfect weather for fishing as evidenced by the large number of boats out trying their luck with the trout. Even Parker Bend was filled with cars and fisher-folks at 7 AM. There were both fly fishermen and bait fishermen in the ‘mix.’ Sam, however, was off the river by 10:30, thereby missing most of the increasing crowd. Everyone aboard had an enjoyable trip and are looking forward to tonight’s fish dinner!There is generation scheduled from 1 through 6 PM. The high temperature for today is expected to hit 75 degrees F., under partly sunny skies with NNE winds at 7 MPH.