DSC_0060   Launched at 7:15 this morning and began our fishing upstream from the Hwy 62 bridge in 48 degree water. The trout were excited to greet us and bit on salmon peach, fluorescent orange, chunky cheese and yellow. They also nibbled on red-white-blue and nymph grape. We did not run into any other guide boats fishing the river.  We did report to Spider Creek Resort that one of their canoes had tried to escape doing a 'back stroke' below Spider Creek Island.  The canoe was safely corralled by the great folks at that resort. We fished until 9:30, when the bite slowed to a 10 minutes between bites crawl.  Then, we decided to move to a different area to catch the last two needed to limit.  Total fish for the morning was about 20.  Since these guys made it look easy, the guide had little to do but enjoy the good company and the cool morning.  There were several folks fishing from the bank, but they were not doing as well as their early morning predecessors did.  They indicated that they were having a great time fishing, and that is what counts!There is generation scheduled from 1 through 6 PM.  The rest of the day should be sunny with a clear night. The winds are northerly at 8 MPH.  Tomorrow should be another good day to be out fishing when you get the chance. Have fun and exercise care!