There has not been much to report the last few days relating to fishing; in fact, there has not been any. The Army Corp of Engineers had to open the flood gates Monday. They eventually opened all seven of them 12 inches. That, plus running both generators wide open, resulted in 119,680 gallons of water entering the tail waters every second. That is a lot of water, folks. Yesterday we finally got to fish. We launched at 3:00 PM which was when the flood gates were completely closed. Needless to say, the river was quite full and moving rapidly. We trolled for a while, waiting for the river level to settle down a bit. We didn’t have one strike even though we were changing lures and the fish were quite abundant according to the Lowrance fish finder and the amount of surface activity. A lot of of the fish surfacing were of a very nice size. We then found several places out of the current and settled down to some serous fishing. The fish were not interested in much of anything we threw due to all the food that was being washed into the river from all the rain and the water release. However, we did manage to catch quite a few and would have limited out had the thunder and the coming of night not ushered us off the river.

Out clients did very well. Being the only ones on the river and the steady flow of the water giving us a smooth “highway” had even the queasy ones at ease. The river was beautiful with a cool mist giving everything an ethereal feeling. Even though we encountered a few floating logs, things went very well.

Notice the life jackets in the photos below. Water conditions such as we are now experiencing make wearing a life jacket more critical than ever. And as the billboards remind us, they only work if you wear one!