Fished at several locations below the Beaver Dam as far downstream as Bertrand launch ramp. Began directly below the dam where the bite was excellent. The trout went for four of the five colors used, orange, yellow, salmon peach and green. They wanted nothing to do with nymph grape, ( purple ). Tried at the gravel bar next to the Beaver Dam launch ramp and noted that the bite was slower, and that the trout bit on yellow and orange, with preference to the orange. Moved to Parker bend, where trout wanted the orange, and only reluctantly, yellow. Hmmm? Tried at a walk-in area between the Parker Campground and Bertrand Launch Ramp, where the bite was considerably slower, 10 to 15 minutes between bites. Garlic flavored yellow power eggs worked, too. All in all, not a bad morning compared to yesterday! If you are able, go out and enjoy the day. If you are fishing on the river from a boat, the water temperature at Houseman Access is in the 70 degree range. There are white bass scattered throughout the area, and they are playing hard to get. You might try a jig head with a little rubber fish. Make sure that it swims properly alongside the boat to determine the proper trolling speed. Good luck.The generation schedule for today indicates that water will begin moving at 3 PM at 44% of capacity. This will continue through 7 PM. The weather today calls for a high temperature of 77 degrees F. under cloudy skies with a chance of thundershowers throughout the day. The winds are predicted to be from the NE at 6 mph.