DSC_0676 DSC_0681Today’s launch was at Bertrand at 8 a.m. with fly-fishing on the agenda, and what a beautiful morning it was! We headed downstream to a favorite spot and began casting. The presence of 6 to 10 other boats and kayaks reminded us that this is a holiday weekend. After casting several flies with no luck and noticing that those around us weren’t landing fish either, we proceeded to drift fish downstream. Since we expected the Southwest Power Authority to begin generation at 11 a.m. we moved again downstream to stay ahead of the generation. For those of you unfamiliar with generation, the fishing usually drops off considerably as the water rises and the current moves more swiftly. We anchored further down and tried still different flies, only to hear the horn announcing the start of generation at 10 a.m. rather than the published time of 11 a.m. My wife says that generation is like an airline schedule, merely a suggestion. To stay ahead of the rising water, we moved even further downstream toward another favored spot. This time we were rewarded with some nice trout for lunch. The current finally caught up with us so we motored our way back up to Houseman to haul out. Jim met us with the trailer and noted how busy Houseman had suddenly become. We noted several boats pulling out due to the generation, but also some boats and kayaks just putting in. Sure hope they were experienced. Our local fire departments and emergency personnel can tell you how a boating accident can ruin a holiday weekend! Be careful out there.