Fishing Report for May 28 Launched early this morning at Houseman Access and noted that the water temperature was 71 degrees F., so we trolled upstream to see what might be interested in coming to our place for dinner.   The water had quite a bit of pollen and tree debris floating, which made us clean our lures often.  When we had moved as far upstream as the Hwy 62 bridge, we began fishing for trout.  The bite was very slow, but when they did bite, yellow, orange and rainbow were the desired colors. We fished as far up river as Bertrand launch ramp.  There were a great deal of fish around us, but they did not pay a lot of interest, although, there will be a young couple having smoked trout tonight.  The day was great on the river! Tomorrow is another day to be enjoyed outdoors.  Let's go fishing! The generation schedule calls for 44% of capacity from 2 PM through 7 PM.  The weather calls for partly cloudy skies with a high temperature of 78 degrees F. accompanied by winds from the ENE at 5 MPH.