Sam and a family of new fishermen launched at Houseman Access at 7:00 AM, in the rain, and moved upriver toward the Hwy 62 bridge. We anchored under the bridge and fished off both sides, with success getting bites on bait, pink, orange, garlic, yellow, rainbow, and chunky cheese. When the rain let up, we traveled to a couple more spots, but the bite was not productive. Once the rain started again, in earnest, we went back to our spot under the bridge for a bit of cover. This time the wind was a complicating factor. This day proved to be a fishing adventure—dodging raindrops, soaking up some sunshine, and then holding steady against the wind. The novice fishermen onboard did an admirable job in adverse circumstances. Within a short time, they were baiting and casting on their own. They hooked several fish that did not quite make it into the boat. Now we know what to practice the next time!The rain is predicted to be with us off and on throughout the day. A check of the radar showed that it will most likely be ‘off,’ so go out and fish! The high temperature for the day should reach 73 degrees F., under cloudy skies with 9 MPH winds from the SSE. Have a nice Memorial Day. While you are enjoying the weekend, please take a minute to remember those who sacrificed everything for us to be able to do just that.