We launched at Houseman Access at 6:30 and trolled up river to the Hwy 62 bridge. We were using Rapala Scatter Raps, one black on gold and one black on silver. Both lures caught trout, but, even though we marked them on the bottom, no walleye. Moved farther upstream to an area just below Spider Creek Island in an effort to pick up a couple of trout on spoons. We had action on a Bass Pro 1/8th ounce blue on nickel, but nothing on gold. Go figure! Change to bait and caught several on yellow and on chunky cheese. Almost all of the trout caught in that area, were fairly small, so we elected to go back down river out of the tailwaters and try for larger fish. Fished a couple of spots and limited just a bit down river from Houseman Access.We met several boats on the river, but the only one that was having any luck was a guide boat. Others that had launched after us, were still trying to get a bite. We did have one thing in common, though; we all got wet. Looks like tomorrow promises to give us similar treatment in the early morning, around 9. There is generation scheduled tomorrow from 3 through 5 PM. The high temperature for tomorrow is expected to reach 75 degrees F., under cloudy skies with scattered showers in the morning. The wind should be from the SE at 8 MPH. Do not forget your rain gear!