Father and Sons Something to smile about


What a difference a day makes!  Today, the fishing report is pretty much like the morning walleye fishing....slow.  Tried very early this morning and braved the fog to get to our coveted fishing area of the past couple of weeks.  We have caught a fair number of walleye this past week or so, but we thought there would be a few left.  Heck, there may be, but they cut us off today.  We caught whites and trout,  (two boats out), and even those critters were hard to get.  It was, however, a beautiful morning on the river!  My boat kept no fish; but those on the other did, as shown in the attached picture.  The water temperature was almost 10 degrees cooler today than it has been lately.  The temperature at Houseman Access this morning was 45.6 degrees F., which may explain the movement of the whites further downstream.  Those whites we marked were in clusters of three or four, and they were pretty dormant.  The trout were hitting on Rapala minnows, F-5 and 7 sizes.  They also took power bait of the orange, yellow and rainbow persuasion. Tomorrow promises to be another great day to be on the river, so, if you get the chance, go for it! Generation today began at 2 PM and will continue through 7 PM.  High temperature today is expected to top out at 83 degrees F., with sunny skies and south winds at 6 MPH. Tomorrow should be a carbon copy of today, with respect to weather. Hope you get the chance to wet a line.