Launched early this morning at Houseman Access and trolled with Rapalas, catching both walleye and trout. Both of our boats were on the river, and both did well. The water temperature was in the 48 degree F. range, ten degrees lower than yesterday. The result appears to be that the white bass moved downstream to warmer water. The rest of our finned friends are still in the area and hungry. The whites caught by us on the trip yesterday were all of the male persuasion. Today, the trout caught were both on bait as well as on Rapalas. The power bait colors used successfully were orange, yellow, salmon peach and rainbow. The wind was something to be considered while trolling, since it made boat control challenging to say the least. Tomorrow will still have wind to contend with, but not quite so much, if you can believe the forecast.Generation is scheduled to begin at 3 PM this afternoon and continue through 9 PM. Weather today should bring us a high temperature of 86 degrees F. under sunny skies with winds from the SSW at 17 MPH, gusting to 23. Have fun and be safe! DSC_0040

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