Put in at Houseman Access with a new friend and his boat and moved downstream trolling for walleye and/or whites.  The water temperature at Houseman was 48 degrees F., a bit too cool for the whites.  About a mile downstream, the temperature rose to 53 degrees F.   Still no whites.  Caught walleye and trout on the trip, but none of the walleye were legal. Rats!  We used both Rapala CDs and also drifted and jigged.  Had more luck with the Rapalas.  We marked a good deal of fish on our excursion and noted that the carp still appear to be in the spawn-mode. We saw a fair amount of bait in the 53 degree water, but only scattered on the surface, and not in bait balls. Let's see what tomorrow has in store for us.  Maybe we'll see you out there.  By the way, plan on dressing for the 38 degree F. temperatures predicted for early in the morning.There is no generation left for today, and only one hour at 22% of capacity for tomorrow, at 8 PM.  The weather for the rest of today should bring us a high of 64 degrees F., with winds from the WNW at 6 MPH, gusting to 21. There are thundershowers predicted to be scattered throughout the rest of today and into tonight until 4 AM tomorrow. Tomorrow, the wind should be from the NE at 6 MPH, gusting to 9 MPH. Sounds like a great day with a chilly start. GO FISH!!