Fished this afternoon at both Bertrand launch ramp and at Parker Bend. Found that the bite was pretty slow, but that the trout did go for yellow and pumpkin green. Others who were successful were using white and red power bait eggs. Several people were fly fishing on the ramp at Parker, but while we were there, none of them put a fish on the concrete.Looks like the ramp installation closest to the Beaver Dam has been completed. Perhaps there will be some trout stocking going on soon! The walleye are definitely in the area of the upper tailwaters, Some have been caught on night crawlers, and one that weighed 4 pounds was recently caught with a fly rod. There is generation scheduled for 8 and 9 PM. The high today is only expected to reach 47 degrees F. with winds from the north at 12 MPH. Partly sunny skies will be with us through tomorrow. The generation schedule for tomorrow calls for 88% capacity from 8 through 10 AM. The high temperature for tomorrow is predicted to be 59 degrees F. with southerly winds of 8 MPH, gusting to 14. Sounds like a good day to fish; however, if you end up over in Rogers, come by Cabelas during Outdoors Days and visit with us while shopping for more FISHING GEAR! Hope to see you there! The young man in the photo attached fished with us earlier this week. This beauty is the first trout he ever caught!