Sam launched with 'crew' at 7:30 AM and proceeded downstream with the generation flow. He found a likely spot and learned that the trout only wanted to bite on chunky cheese, by Gulp. They ignored fluorescent orange, cheese, rainbow and yellow. After putting some fish in the live well, he trolled with a couple of different Rapalas and finished up with the limit. One thing for certain is that it is a little more difficult to limit out on trout when the water is moving. While trolling, Sam was testing our newly installed electronics. He marked quite a few walleye, none of which was in the Rapala mood. No white bass were seen on this trip; the water temperature was 47 degrees F. We USUALLY are more successful with the whites when the water temperature is about 62 degrees F. Barring any unforeseen circumstances tomorrow, Sam and I plan on testing a new rig for use during generation.There is no more generation scheduled for today. The high temperature today should reach 74 degrees F., with winds from the SE at 12 MPH. There is a good chance of severe thunderstorms this afternoon after 6. At the time of this report writing, the generation schedule for tomorrow has not been posted. The high temperature predicted for tomorrow is expected to be 54 degrees F., quite a change from the past couple of days. Winds for tomorrow should be from the NNW at 16 MPH, gusting to 29.