Decided to fish the Bertrand Launch area this afternoon after the crowd had thinned.  Glad to have seen so many folks out enjoying the day this morning!  Fished for about 30 minutes and caught 8, two of which were too small and one that was too large, ('slot').  People fishing had been experiencing some difficulty getting bites, but it was picking up as I left.  The trout were biting on any colors of power bait thrown.  Tomorrow promises to be another great day to get out and pick up a fish dinner!
  Speaking of which, many of the folks we take out fishing ask how we recommend cooking trout. Well, look at the pictures attached to this report and follow the fish from cleaning table to dinner table.  This is how part of the catch was cooked by one of our favorite fans.  She fried fillets for her husband and broiled fillets for herself.  Just seeing the picture makes me hungry!
  There is no generation scheduled for tomorrow.  The high temperature for tomorrow is predicted to reach 68 degrees F. under partly sunny skies, with winds from the SSE at 4 MPH, gusting to 6.