Although Sam and I fished Tuesday, I was too lazy to write a report. I did notice that, nestled in some pictures posted yesterday, were pictures of the fish we caught. The magic of partners! Tuesday, the bite was very good below Bertrand launch ramp. Wednesday, Sam and I had a 'work on the big boat day.’ Although the people on our next trip will not benefit from our up-graded electronics, hopefully, those following will. The electronics we presently have on the boats are excellent, however, the latest up-grades are state of the art.Today, I began fishing down river from Bertrand launch ramp, The bite at 9 AM was somewhat slow, but the trout I caught were in the slot. Moved to Parker Bend and fished about 200 yards downstream from the ramps. The bite was better than at Bertrand, but the fish were smaller. Things picked up considerably with the arrival of the stocking truck from the Norfolk Hatchery. Took a different rod to the ramps and caught and released for a dozen or so trout, then headed to the Bertrand launch ramp and repeated the drill, since the truck had stocked there as well. Threw a silver spoon with great results. For some reason, the trout were not too interested in gold. Fish!? There is no generation scheduled for the day. The schedule for tomorrow is for generation at 7 and 8 am. The high temperature for today is expected to be 57 degrees F. under cloudy skies with winds from the NNW at 4 MPH. Tomorrow should begin cloudy, clearing by noon, with a high temperature of 65 degrees F.. Winds are predicted to be from the NNE at 4 MPH, gusting to 5. Sounds like another great day to be fishing!