DSC_0087     Launched this morning at about 8 and trolled down river for a mile or so, trying for another walleye.  It was raining and no fish were presenting themselves either to the down scan imager or the live well. Finally decided to go upstream and fish for rainbows. Tried several spots between Houseman and the Hwy 62 bridge and could not get any bites. Moved up river from the bridge and finally located some hungry trout. Ended up catching 14 in an hour, four of which were either too small or 'slots'.. We scooted ourselves back to Houseman pausing only long enough to exchange pleasantries with another guide. We had to get back to the 'office' to prep the boat for an afternoon trip. If not added to this report later today, our next missive will contain all the juicy details of that excursion.There was no generation today; and none is scheduled for Sunday. The high temperature for today is expected to reach 60 degrees F. under cloudy skies becoming partly sunny later in the afternoon. The winds are from the NNE at 9 MPH. Tomorrow, the high temperature is predicted to be 70 degrees F. under sunny skies with winds from the south at 2 MPH, gusting to 6. Sounds like a perfect day to get out and fish!