Fished at Parker Bend this morning checking the bite on bait as well as on lures.  Although there was a decent amount of surface activity, the trout were not interested in spoons.  The recent rains seem to have washed quite a bit of 'trout food,' like worms and other delicacies into the river.  They were, however, interested in bait, and liked both yellow and salmon peach power bait.  While they begrudgingly nipped at orange, rainbow, green and white were totally ignored. Try earthworms or wax worms with a yellow power egg and see what happens!  If you have an annoying wasp nest hanging around, you could risk running off those wasps tending the nest and use the larvae for bait.  Although it probably is not worth getting stung, the larvae do work as bait.  If you plan on fishing during the rest of this day, be sure to wear rain gear.The generation today is scheduled to be at 44% of capacity from 4 to 6 PM. The weather prediction calls for a high temperature of 71 degrees F., with winds from the S to SSE at 12 MPH, under cloudy skies.  There is a good chance of thunderstorms throughout the rest of the morning and half of the afternoon.  Watch out for those possibly severe storms!