IMG_0250.JPGAnother guide, Ken, and I launched a drift boat at river access 1, the ramp closest to the Beaver Dam, and proceeded to fish our way to Bertrand Launch Ramp where we pulled out 4 1/2 hours later. During our drift, we fished with bait, spoons and flies. Although we caught fish on bait, our most success was fly-fishing. Both of us used blue dun midges and had our best luck in the trophy area. The brown in the picture was a nice 18-incher. The drift boat was great when there was flow, but, most of the trip, the 'drift' was the result of Ken's rowing efforts. The few fishermen we passed along our route downstream indicated to us that the fishing was a little slow. We also noted that situation in the area of Parker Bend, but other than that, we experienced fine luck! Hope you found time to go out and enjoy this beautiful day!Generation for today is to take place from 4 through 5 PM, and tomorrow from 6 through 7 PM. The high temperature for today should be 79º F. under partly cloudy skies. Winds are from the NW at 7 MPH.