What beauties!

We began fishing this morning at Bertrand launch ramp and found that the bite was agonizingly slow, quite a change from yesterday morning. Then, that is fishing! Moved directly below Beaver Dam and, although the bite was better, it drove us off to another location downstream out of the tail-waters. The bite there was excellent, especially on orange power bait (see picture). The fish seemed to be 'soft mouthing' the bait; so if you were fishing with anything larger than a micro-light rod or had line heavier than 4 pound test, you probably would not easily feel the bite. The morning was perfect for fishing, overcast and cool. What a morning! If you get the chance, go for it! There is only one hour of generation scheduled today, and that is at 5 PM at 22% of capacity. The weather prediction for today calls for partly cloudy skies with a chance of afternoon thundershowers. The winds are from the east this morning and are expected to shift to the south this afternoon at 6 MPH.