Knowing about the partially open floodgate, there was no need to try to bank fish close to the Beaver Dam, so it was off to Parker Bend at 6 AM. Fished from the rocks between the partially underwater ramps and caught trout on yellow, fluorescent orange and rainbow. The trout ignored both white and hatchery formula. Another couple who arrived on location about 7 AM, was doing great with fluorescent orange. The water was moving, but at a fairly slow rate. The Corps indicated that the partially open gate was flowing approximately 1000 cubic feet/second, which is about 11% of maximum generation. Except for fly fishermen, this should not pose a problem.One outcome of the gate being open as opposed to the generator operating is that the water coming into the river is being warmed by Beaver Lake surface water, instead of cooled by the water from 220 feet down that feeds the generators. Today, no problem was encountered catching trout at Parker. If the water warms to 65 degrees or higher, one may have to move to find cooler water. The trout will! Today, the high temperature is expected to reach 93 degrees F., under mostly sunny skies with 7 MPH winds from the SW. Go out, stay hydrated and have fun!