Fished downstream from Houseman Access and found that the trout were in the mood for yellow power bait, (also salmon peach). The bite was about every 10 to 15 minutes, but the fish size was rewarding. Three of the five were over 14 inches, (one over 15), and the other two were high 12s. It was nice to be out of the tail-waters! (No slot) The water temperature was in the high 60s and, since there is not too much generation scheduled today, most likely will climb into the 70s. Also, the high temperature should be in the upper 80s, which will assist in warming up the river. You know what my advice is.... go fish!Generation is scheduled to occur from 4 through 6 PM at 88% for the first 2 hours and 44% for the last one. Weather is predicted to bring us a high temperature of 87 degrees F. today with winds from the SSW at 4 MPH. The skies are supposed to be partly cloudy with a chance of mid-afternoon thundershowers. Be careful out there!

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