Launched at Houseman Access at 7:45 in heavy mist this morning and proceeded downstream in 50 degree water to what is usually a great fishing spot. Today, although reflecting the slow bite on the river, it proved to be a pretty good location. The bite was on a variety of colors of power bait, including yellow, salmon peach, rainbow, white and chunky cheese, (by Gulp). They ignored garlic, chartreuse, red-white-blue and nymph grape. The morning was very entertaining while we waited for the next trout to sample our offerings. In addition to birds, a rather large snake immediately became the number one attraction. Yes, I believe that summer is just around the corner! After placing the trout limit in the live well, we did a brief downstream tour of the river before heading back to clean fish.There were several other boats out, but none of the folks aboard shared data with us. The only hint we received about how they were doing was that almost all of the boats that had launched prior to us were still had their trailers in the lot when we left. Although this week the bite on the river has been pretty slow, a day on the river beats sitting at home watching the 'idiot box.' Go out and FISH! There is generation scheduled from 5 through 10 PM today. The high is predicted to reach 82 degrees F., under partly cloudy skies with the chance of scattered thunder storms. The wind should be from the south at 7 MPH. Tomorrow, there is generation slated to be from 2 through 7 PM at 44% of capacity. The predicted high temperature is 81 degrees F., under partly cloudy skies with southerly winds of 9 MPH.