We executed an early morning launch to determine downriver conditions, both regarding water temperature and fish bite. The water temperature at Houseman Access was 55º F. at 6 AM. Trolled downstream pulling two different lures, both Rapalas. Picked up, and released, one white bass a little down river from Blue Spring. The 'slime line' showed up about 1/2 mile towards Beaver. The temperature on the other side of that phenomenon jumped to 76.5º F. No whites were marked on the other side of the cooler water. There were many black bass working the bait close to the river bank. Also, we noted that the gar were becoming plentiful, although no actual spawning was seen. That is probably just around that proverbial corner. The carp most likely will join in on the festivities. Pulled back out of the water at 9 AM. and headed back to the house. It was another beautiful morning on the river. There were quite a few boat trailers in the lot, but the boats must have headed up river, since no other boats were seen by us in our travels. Hope you got out to enjoy it, too!There is generation scheduled from 4 through 6 PM today. The high temperature for today is expected to hit 88º F. under partly sunny skies which may bring some afternoon thundershowers. The wind this morning was northerly but will shift to the ESE at 4 MPH later in the day.