Both boats launched at Houseman Access at 6 AM and proceeded up-river to get out of the 70 degree water. Ended up in the Spider Creek area where we had a great time catching rainbows. The trout were biting on salmon peach and orange. Yellow, which usually is a reliable bait, elicited no response from our 'fishy' friends. After catching and releasing for a while, we moved downstream trolling with spoons. Caught several trout on spoons before we switched to Rapalas and trolled in the warmer water. Marked quite a few 'pods' of white bass, but none of them were hungry for the lures we were pulling. Ended up that both boats easily limited out on trout. Everyone seemed to enjoy the great company, the mild weather and the fishing! Our advice, as usual, is to get out there and FISH! There is one hour of 22% of capacity generation scheduled for 5 PM. Keep in mind that the posted schedule is subject to change; so, if you hear the warning horn sound at the Beaver Dam before a time posted in the schedule, please get out of the water quickly. The weather prediction for today calls for a high temperature of 77 degrees F. under partly cloudy skies with winds from the NNE at 17 MPH. There is a chance of scattered thundershowers throughout the remainder of the day. Stay dry and have a good day fishing!