DSC_0708 DSC_0705 Both Hosanna Hills' boats launched this morning between 6 and 6:15, and headed downstream to a couple of special spots for trout. Sam and his fishermen were first to get settled and throw lines. We moved somewhat downriver from his 'claim' and tossed a couple of lines ourselves. The bite was surprisingly good based on the fact that I had thrown a line in at Bertrand Launch Ramp prior to the arrival of our groups, and did not get a bite in the time spent waiting. The people who were fishing from the bank before I arrived had caught not one fish. So, it was a pleasant shock to begin catching on both boats quickly after arriving. The bite was on garlic, yellow, rainbow, and fluorescent orange. We knew that the expected high temperature for the day was to reach 92º F., and were happy that the morning was overcast with a cool breeze and a couple of sprinkles. After putting 8 in the live well, both boats headed downstream trolling for walleye or whites. Seems like trout were the only fish biting, even though there were plenty of walleye and whites marked on the fishfinder. DSC_0693DSC_0707Both boats enjoyed a good morning of fishing, as one can see by the pictures.  The young lady in the photos was so caught up in fishing that she named each fish on the stringer and got wrapped up in the lesson on how to tell the males from the females. Generation is slated to be from 2 through 7 PM. The high temperature for today is expected to be 92º F. under mostly sunny skies with a chance of afternoon thundershowers. Wind is from the SSW at 12 MPH.