Let's begin with the generation schedule and weather prediction for today. Generation at 22% of capacity is scheduled for 4 PM today. Yep, only one hour. The weather is predicted to give us a high temperature of 82 degrees F. under sunny skies with winds from the ESE at 5 MPH. Another great day for celebrating our nation's birthday! Fished yesterday afternoon and had to wait until about 7:30 for the bite to begin. The trout were taking a liking to yellow, salmon peach and orange power bait. If you want to fish in the afternoon, start later and plan on having a nice river tour and maybe some late lunch snacks while you are waiting for the hour before sunset to catch trout. One other thing, if you fish that late, be sure to troll through the larger fish that seem to be showing up about 8 PM, feeding on the 1 1/2 inch shad minnows. Also keep in mind that if you are limited out on trout, your fishing is over unless you are in Tablerock Lake. Our advice: catch 4 trout, (each), and troll for the larger fish.

Tomorrow, the generation is for one hour, 6 PM, at 22% of capacity. We should expect sunny skies with a high temperature of 89 degrees F. Winds are predicted to be from the SSW at 8 MPH gusting to 12. Have a safe holiday weekend. Go Fish!

The results!

Plenty to smile about.

Off for an evening of fishing.