DSC_0033DSC_0030DSC_0011 Were you out on the river this morning? Wow, what a beautiful day to be boating and fishing! Launched at Houseman Access this morning at 5:45 and headed up river to rustle up some trout. The water temperature at Houseman was 60.4 degrees F., but where we ended up, it was 47.4 degrees F. The trout were in tune with the water temp and rewarded us accordingly. The bite was on salmon peach, yellow and orange power bait. The orange worked early for about 20 minutes, then it was on to the other colors. As much as we wanted to drag out the fishing, we had to give in, since throwing back such fish was a shame. Several we had to release due to their slot size. After fishing, we cruised up the river to Spider Creek Island, and downstream to Blue Springs simply enjoying the 62 degree F. morning and our gorgeous river. Boy, are we lucky to be here! The generation for today is scheduled for one hour, at 4 PM, at 22% capacity. The weather for tomorrow calls for sunny skies with a high temperature of 83 Degrees F. Winds are to be from the SSE at 5 MPH, gusting to 8. Since today's high is only expected to reach 79 Degrees F., try to get out there and enjoy fishing and playing in the cool of this summer day. We did.