We fished this morning just downstream from the tail-waters. Put the lines in the 48 degree F. water at 6:08 and were surprised at the trout response. The fish appeared to want to make up for their slow bite of the past few days. By 8 AM we had caught 12 and had thrown back 3 which we thought were too small to mess with. Sam was using pink, yellow, rainbow and red power bait, handily outfishing all others in the area, including his partner! Had to leave in response to a phone call. Rats! There's that personal business bug-a-boo! The morning was another beautiful one in the Ozarks. The day is expected to be another great day to fish, with high temperatures expected to be in the 70s. Our advice is to get out there and enjoy the day fishing.Generation is scheduled to take place later this afternoon, at 4 through 6 PM. Have fun and be careful handling those slippery fish!

Those are keepers!