Fished from the bank in two places this fine morning. The first place tried was just below the Beaver Dam. There was a boat fishing across from my ‘claim.’ During the time spent there, only one fish was boated by those fisher-folk. The bite was about every 10 minutes, which I considered slow. Even worse was the hook to bite rate, which was 40%. YUK! That will teach me to try to drink coffee when the trout decide to bite. The bite below the dam was on chunky cheese and on fluorescent orange, the latter attracting the most frequent attention. Moved to Parker Bend to check out the bite and found there were many fishermen and women on scene. Only one group had been successful; and they were using sunrise power bait eggs. There was a fly fisherman in a catamaran who was using some floating flies. He had neither caught a fish during the time I was there, nor before I had arrived, according to the folks on the bank. Checked out the narrow path leading up river through the woods to other fishing spots and found that all of those spots were under water. Bottom line for me was that fluorescent orange worked great up river during 'prime time,’ between 7 and 9 AM. The morning was very nice in the cool of the day. The attached photo was taken last week on just such a cool morning as this. Get out and try to encourage the trout to grab a hook!There is generation scheduled from1 through 6 PM. today. The high temperature today is expected to hit 95 degrees F., under sunny skies with winds from the south at 5 MPH.