Began this morning by fishing just outside of the tail-waters where the water temperature was 49 degrees F. and found that the bite was slow until about 7:45, when it became nonexistent. By then we had caught and released five. Moved to an area immediately below the Beaver Dam and found that the bite was pretty good. The trout hit on bubble gum, yellow, orange and rainbow. Noticed that the Norfolk Hatchery truck was pulling up to the launch ramp by Beaver Dam, so we chatted with the driver and found that the stocking would occur at Bertrand Launch ramp and at the Beaver Dam launch ramp. There was no plan for this week to stock at Parker Bend. Changed to spoons and fished both areas stocked this morning. There were many folks crammed into the small area at Bertrand Launch ramp, which made throwing a lure somewhat hazardous to those who were not paying too much attention to where they were walking. The Beaver Dam launch area only had three people fishing there, which allowed for easy access to catch and release, or keep, if that was what one wanted. All in all, it was a good day to be fishing. Aren't they all?Today, the generation is scheduled to occur from 2 PM through 7 PM. The weather forecast is for a high temperature of 85 degrees F., under mostly sunny skies with winds from the east at 5 MPH.