Put the boat in the water at 6:30 AM and moved downstream to check out a few spots. The water temperature around Houseman Access continues to hover in the 80s, making trout catching a bit of a challenge if one does not know where the deeper water holds cooler temps. Along with bait, the warmer waters are showing up some larger fish. The fishing was great for the first couple of hours, after which, the trout decided to take a break. The kids definitely out-fished the adults; but fun was had by all. The trout pretty much were NOT caught on salmon peach, nymph grape, hatchery formula, fluorescent orange or garlic! There were a couple of other boats in the area, but they did not share any information with us. However, they were still there when we finished the river portion of the trip. Hope everyone gets a chance to go out tomorrow, when the high temperature is expected to be 84 degrees F. Looking forward to the bit of cooler weather!Generation for today and tomorrow is scheduled from 4 through 6 PM. at 88% of capacity. As mentioned earlier in this report, the high temperature for tomorrow should be 84 degrees F. under partly sunny skies with winds from the north between 5 and 7 MPH.. There are scattered thundershowers predicted throughout the day.