DSC_0001This morning we fished both for rainbows and browns downstream from the tail-waters. The browns ignored us, but the rainbows heard that we were planning on a smoke-fest; and they could not wait to join us. They did not realize that they were the items we were planning on smoking! We began fishing at 6:15 AM, using yellow and orange power bait, and were limited out by 7:15. We did note another guide trolling up and down the river, but never saw any results when he was close to us. Another interesting fact was that when we filleted the fish, about half of them were 'stockers'. In our experience, it is rather uncommon for 'stockers' to be so far downstream. The river was in the 'back-flush' mode, (water was moving upstream), resulting in the water becoming somewhat murky. People were just beginning to launch as we left Houseman Access. Since the weather prediction is for a very nice day to fish, all you trout fishermen should try to get out and make a day of it. Be careful, watch out for each other and have fun fishing!Generation is scheduled for one hour today, at 7 PM. The weather prediction is for a high temperature of 84 degrees F., under partly sunny skies with winds from the SSE at 4 MPH.