Launched two boats at 6:30 this morning and proceeded down river to a couple of 'hot spots.’ Once anchored, we caught and released, (except for the first large 8...2 fishermen). We then only caught and released until about 10 AM. Pretty much the same scenario occurred with the other boat. During the time on the water, we learned that the water temperature at the Houseman Access area is in the 80s. Phew! We ended up finishing in the cooler waters. Between the two boats, more than 40 fish were caught and, mostly, released. At some point approaching the final 30 minutes we were on the water, the hemostats I use to safely remove the hooks from trout, vanished. No one saw them take the plunge, but they were nowhere to be found. Lesson for the day: Listen to your spouse! Upon arriving at the house to clean the boat, my wife suggested that I check in my fishing boots. No way they would be in there without my feeling them, said I. Guess where they were!If you are planning on fishing during the rest of today, or tomorrow, try to get on the water early and get off by 10:30 AM., or expect to be hot and need a lot of hydration. The trout have slowed down biting by around 8:30 am., and have almost stopped by 10. There is generation scheduled for 4 and 5 PM. today and 4 through 6 PM. tomorrow. The high temperature slated for today is 95 degrees F, under sunny skies with winds from the SW at 7 MPH. Tomorrow will not be much cooler, with a high predicted to be 94 degrees F.