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Launched at Houseman Access at 6:15 this morning and proceeded downstream about 1/2 mile where the water temperature was 71 degrees F., twenty-five degrees warmer than yesterday. Gave it a try just for fun and learned that the trout were not in the 'spa-swimming' mood. Trolled back up the river into 48.3 degree water and began catching fish. Noted that there is a good deal of bait showing up, especially in the warmer water. If you are planning on trolling, the shad minnows are about one and a half inches long. Try to match the hatch with a sinking lure for the best luck. We ended up fishing up the river close to Spider Creek Island, where the bite initially was slow, but began picking up at 9:30 AM. If you are planning on heading out by boat early in the morning, we believe that launching at Bertrand launch ramp and moving downstream will help you avoid the crowded ramp at Houseman. There were about 20 people waiting for guides to launch at Houseman Access at 5:45 this morning. Most probably this will continue throughout the weekend. Also, since that group tends to fish in the area between Spider Creek and the HWY 62 bridge, you will be in the water about the same time they launch and will be closer to the fishing. Most of the guides we spoke to this morning were remarking that the bite was slow. As mentioned earlier in this report, we found that was the case early, but that it improved later in the AM. There is generation scheduled at 44% of capacity from 4 through 6 PM. The weather prediction is for cloudy skies with easterly winds at 5 MPH. High temperature today should reach 74 degrees F. What is there to do on the weekend, you ask? GO FISH!