This personal business stuff has to stop interfering with fishing! Since we only had half an hour to fish this morning we tried at Houseman Access. Arrived later in the morning, 10ish, and caught four in 30 minutes. Kept two and moved on to, you guessed it, personal business. The water temperature at Houseman was 46 degrees F. and the trout bite was good. Tried our new rig and were quite pleased with the results. Both boats are booked in the morning, so tomorrow's report should prove informative on conditions both in the tail-waters and downstream from them. Hope you can get out today and fish in the excellent July temperatures!Generation is scheduled to begin at 4 PM and continue through 7 at 44% of capacity. Today the forecast is for a high temperature of 69 degrees F. under cloudy skies with winds from the SE at 5 MPH. Winds are predicted to shift to the ESE later in the afternoon. There is a chance of rain beginning around 3 PM and extending until 4 AM tomorrow. Be careful, stay dry and, above all, have fun fishing!


Not bad for a quick trip to the fishing hole