Launched at Houseman Access at 6:30 this morning and, initially, proceeded downstream to just below the Blue Springs entrance to the river.  There were two other guides in the area when we arrived.  We fished in that vicinity for a short time before weighing anchor and moving back into the tailwaters.  One of our two boats limited out fairly quickly while the other moved further up river to check out a couple of other locations for trout bite.  They soon returned and linked up with our other boat and began putting some fish in the live well.  While one of the boats headed in to clean fish, the other moved back out of the tailwaters and caught a 18 and 19 inch trout to finish off the morning trip.  We used yellow, pink, rainbow, and fluorescent orange power bait.  When we initially launched, the water was moving rather briskly.  However, about 9:30 AM, the flood gates were closed at Beaver Dam, although the generators were both left running with a 7700 CFS flow. (cubic feet per second).  The generators will continue running for the time being.  The water temperature in the Houseman area was 55 degrees F.  Hopefully, closing the gates while continuing to generate will lower the river temperature and make the trout smile!     Be sure to check back tomorrow  to see photos of those 18 and 19 incher the other team caught.
  The high temperature predicted for tomorrow is 91 degrees F. under mostly sunny skies with SW winds of 9 MPH.  Our recommendation is that one should get out and enjoy both the weather and fishing!