Heck! We had so much fun yesterday that we tried for a replay this morning. Launched both boats at Bertrand Launch Ramp and began catching trout at our first anchorage. The trout liked yellow and salmon peach better than any other colors tried. On Sam’s boat, Grandson stayed hot on Grandpa’s heels when it came to catching trout, so they soon switcDSC_0702 (1)DSC_0708hed to the catch and release mode. Sam headed his folks downstream for a change of scenery while continuing to try for trout and any other species hanging in the warmer water. In addition to trout, a white bass that tried power bait for a snack became one himself.Jim moved his folks down river after boating a few trout, to try trolling for whites and walleye. We pulled a Rapala 07 black on silver Shad and a Flicker Shad Slick Mouse, which turned out to be the one that 'scored' the walleye of the day. Of the many fish that were ‘marked,' almost all of them were on or near the bottom. The Flicker Shad is a deep runner, and got down to their level. It was a good morning, both for fishing and just enjoying the cool temperatures. Hope you got out to do the same. Generation is scheduled for 4 PM for one hour. The high temperature for today should reach 90º F., under partly sunny skies with a chance of afternoon thundershowers. The wind is from the south at 7 MPH.