Put on my Speedo and headed out to bask in the sunshine......Wait a sec., wrong report! About 2 PM, got as close to Beaver Dam that was legal and fished in a 'hunkered down' mode in an attempt to avoid as much of the icy wind as possible. Turns out that there was not too much time to worry about that breeze because the trout were in the biting mood. They had given up on the 'soft-mouthing' and struck with authority. They bit on salmon peach, yellow, fluorescent orange and rainbow. Rainbow was the slowest color to attract a bite, but it also caught the largest fish. No pictures today since my fingers were somewhat stiff with cold. It appears that tomorrow will be a reflection of today with a bit more sunshine. As one might imagine, I had the place to myself. Hopefully, others will get out and catch a few. Dress warmly and be safe!Generation for tomorrow is scheduled to be the same as today, with water moving from 7 through 9 AM, and PM. Winds are to be from the NW at 14 MPH., gusting to 21. Look for a little sunnier day with a high temperature of 38º F.