Sam and I fished near Beaver Dam this morning after getting some things accomplished around the Hosanna Hills fishing headquarters. The trout were on to almost everything we threw them. The only colors that did not produce bites were hatchery formula, fluorescent red and green pumpkin. Colors that caught fish included, but were not limited to, yellow, salmon peach, rainbow, garlic, white, red-white-blue, nymph grape, fluorescent orange, chartreuse, chunky cheese and Sam's fingers. That's right, Sam 'noodled' a trout out of a small pool in which it had become trapped after the water went down following this morning’s generation. Although there were a few cars at the RA1 ramp near Beaver Dam, there were no fishermen at the site where we fished.We checked Parker Bend and found only 6 autos in the lot. There were no cars in the access areas between the campground and Bertrand Ramp. At Bertrand, only two autos were parked, one with a boat trailer. In short, not too many folks are out fishing today. Tomorrow promises to be a great day to fish, so I bet the number of fisher-folk will dramatically increase. Hope so! Generation for tomorrow is listed to occur from both 7 to 9 AM and PM. The high temperature for tomorrow should reach 69º F. under mostly cloudy skies with winds from the SSW at 4 MPH, gusting to 16.