IMG_0172.JPGAt 8 AM., began today’s fishing experience at Parker Bend, initially at the ramps then down river about 150 yards. The trout bite at the ramps was slow enough that after 30 or 40 minutes of slow bite, I moved to the second spot previously mentioned. There the bite was quicker; however, just as at the ramps, the trout were a bit small. They bit on yellow, salmon peach and chunky cheese power bait paste and on red/yellow combination power bait eggs. Took a picture of one to show how small they were. Moved to Houseman Access to see if there was any action at 10 AM. Fished for a short while with no fishing activity. There was a visit by a very nice German Shepherd who kept me company throughout my fishing time. Two boats had launched earlier, one of which was within view for most of my stay. No fish were put into the boat while I was on scene.There is generation slated from 5 through 10 PM today. The high temperature is predicted to be 62 degrees F. under mostly sunny skies. The winds are to be from the SSE at 11 MPH. If you get the chance, go do it!