DSC_0380 Fished early this morning at Parker Bend, 150 yards downstream from the ramps. The stocking of fish yesterday really increased the bite this morning, not that it was too bad before. The trout bit on yellow, red-white and blue, orange, salmon peach, rainbow, pink and spring green. They were not very picky this morning. Only had 90 minutes to fish, but caught 9 and, of course only kept 5, the fifth fish being the last one caught. Was fishing with a couple who were doing OK, but kept losing rigs to the rocks. If you have the opportunity to get out and try your luck, by all means go for it! The generation for today is scheduled to take place from 3 through 6 PM . The weather is expected to bring us partly sunny skies and a high temperature of 89 degrees F.. The winds are predicted to be from the WNW at 3 MPH.