Apologies for not getting the Monday report out in a timely manner. Our computer was on life support all day yesterday, but we managed to resuscitate it late last evening. Launched Monday morning at 6:30 and ended up next to the Hwy 62 bridge, where the water temperature was 49.5 degrees F. The trout seemed to favor that temperature and showed their appreciation by coming on board to personally relate their feelings. Had to throw a couple back because they grew too fast since having been stocked into the river. DARN! The trout are easily found between the 62 bridge and Houseman Access. If the water temperature goes above 65 degrees F., they will be much more difficult to locate. Those picky trout! This morning they bit on yellow, salmon peach and fluorescent orange. The air temperature was of the 'degree' that we were extremely comfortable. If you get the chance to try your luck, go out early and put dinner in the live well. By the way, if you followed the report written yesterday, you may be wondering if poison ivy followed me home from yesterdays bank fishing expedition. Happily enough, no rash showed up! Tuesday’s high temperature is expected to be 93 degrees. Generation is scheduled for 3 through 6 p.m. this afternoon.